445 Horner Avenue PCB Storage Cleanup

Schneider Electric is working with AMEC Earth & Environmental to clean up one of the largest polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) storage sites in Ontario, at 445 Horner Avenue. The site was originally owned by Federal Pioneer, an electrical transformer manufacturing company that was acquired by Schneider in 1990. The PCB’s have been stored under a tarp since the late 80’s, and the area has been continuously monitored by Schneider Electric, Environment Canada and Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment.

Although the site has seen inaction for much too long, Schneider Electric has finally taken a series of steps that will lead to the eventual cleanup of the 22,000 thousand tonnes of PCB’s within the next few years. Many Alderwood residents have been receiving notification letters from Schneider informing them of the remedial program. The company also held a community meeting on June 15, 2011, where local residents provided feedback to the company regarding their plans to rid the site of the PCB’s.

Schneider Electric has followed the correct procedures in regards to generating community awareness about their remedial plans, and by taking a pro-active approach to communicating with Alderwood residents. This being said, it is up to the community to ensure that Schneider Electric completes the PCB site clean up in the most safest possible manner.

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Since the location is within the boundaries of Alderwood, we will continue to monitor the cleanup progress and report any news as it becomes available.